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"MPRI has helped cut down on the number of repeat criminal offenses, inmates in prison and the general crime rate.  What more can you ask of a government program?  And the success couldn't come at a better time, when the state's budget is squeezed by declining tax revenue and can use all the savings it can muster."

--Oakland Press Executive Editor Glenn Gilbert, Sept. 9, 2009



First and foremost, Washtenaw Prisoner Reentry is about making Michigan residents safe in their homes and their neighborhoods.  It recognizes that 95 percent of all prisoners eventually return home—more than 10,000 every year.  Their choices, along with their opportunities, have an impact on every citizen.  When we help parolees succeed, we cause crimes NOT to be committed.


Established in 2005, the Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Initiative (MPRI) is a statewide initiative funded through the Michigan Department of Corrections.  The number-one goal of the MPRI is to reduce crime.  It does that by better preparing parolees before they return to the community, making smarter decisions, about how is released and when, and providing enhanced supervision, and services in the community. In 2011, MPRI was institutionalized state-wide and renamed Prisoner Reentry.  No longer an initiative, Washtenaw Prisoner Reentry sets the bar for reentry services in the state of Michigan.


It is a comprehensive strategy that starts by identifying the weaknesses and risk factors of prisoners through effective assessments when they begin their sentences.  It then sets in motion services to address those issues while they are incarcerated.  It ensures that all parolees have what Warden Kenneth McKee calls “a game plan for success,” including a team of community supporters who will help them carry out the plan.